Neurodiversity Support: Therapy, Training, Job Coaching, and Consultation

Individual and Group Therapy

We worked with individuals of all ages who needed intervention for learning, behaviour, and transitioning to schools, colleges, universities, and adulthood. The program is designed to cater to individual client’s needs. There are instances where clients can be grouped into 2-3 for further development of their communication and social skills.

Bridging Horizons Pre-employment Training Programme

Introducing Bridging Horizons, our tailored pre-employment training program in collaboration with THRIVE Career Coaching!

This Programme offers personalised guidance and unwavering support to the learners. It is designed to nurture the development of essential vocational and independent skills, bolster learners’ confidence and motivation, and empower them to explore a range of potential career prospects.

Job Coaching

We coached young adults to be prepared for employment with skills such as social-emotional skills, resume writing, interviews, understanding the organisation’s social expectations and identifying their executive functioning skills to be effective at the workplace. We will then collaborate with organisations interested in hiring neurodiverse individuals to work with them.

Learning Consultation and Training

We worked with schools, organisations and centres interested in developing their team’s skills and setting up their support department to work with neurodiverse individuals.